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Rodent control methods applied by metro rodent exterminator, its types and definition

two rats on wallDue to the patterns and nesting habits, the common house mouse and rats can be a huge challenge for homeowners. While many people are aware of the dangers presented, not many people are aware of some helpful house mouse facts.Mice and rats can sustain their existence on food alone provided that the moisture content is between 10% and 20%.Mice will often exceed the home boundaries in search of food or water and return to your home for nesting purposes. An infestation of mice and rats can create a substantial problem and cost thousands in property or health damage.Neighboring homes are likely affected by homes in the area with an infestation.Most homes have hidden or subtle risk factors for attracting mice. An experienced professional will identify any areas of your home that present a risk factor and offer management or resolution suggestions. Often the signs of present mice are hard to detect. Simple smudges, nesting areas, droppings, or even paw prints can be the single telltale sign that there are mice present in your home. It takes a skilled technician to find these signs and offer solutions that will keep other animals, including domestic animals, safe from harm.

                Property assessment and methods applied to control rat and mouse

A property assessment should also be done. You may have an infestation that does not live in your home, but comes inside for food and any water available. Pests like mice are able to inflict property and health damage even if they are not living in the home but are present during feeding hours. A skilled technician will evaluate the property, make suggestions and recommendations for eliminating problems, and include the property when needed on the extermination plan.Keeping your home safe from pests like mice starts with eliminating the ways that they enter the home and any areas that invite outdoor nesting. Extermination is not typically successful unless there is some mouse proofing performed. Other colonies simply take the place of the exterminated colony.Technicians are well versed in the various patterns of mice, from nesting to habits. This is critical when determining how to most effectively set up a baiting program. It is also vital that technicians respect the safety of humans and companion animals. We always place baiting traps well out of reach of people and other animals. Any traps that are set that could possibly be within reach are done with special closed box formation to prevent accidents.Additionally, placement of baiting traps must be placed where they are only going to attract pests like mice and rats while increasing the likelihood of success. Wild animals should not be able to access the bait.Treatment is carried out over a period, where we would attend every week placing bait stations and monitoring the situation, thereafter a guarentee treatment done . We would also be able at the end of the treatment to give you a detailed report on any proofing measures that might prevent rodents re entering the property.We offer phone consultations that include a free estimate with no obligation.

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