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Cockroaches are pests that are often found in mild temperatures and moist areas. Humidity is a habitat that encourages cockroaches to thrive. They tend to live between three and six months. Most females can lay 35 eggs anywhere from three to five times during their life span.Upon hatching the tiny hatchlings can take up residence in the smallest of crevices. Since both parent and offspring thrive on the same food, the rate of survival for hatchlings is high. While most people may see one or two randomly running across the floor or counter, it often takes professional knowledge to find all of the crevices and nesting places where cockroaches hide.
this is image of cockroach

Identifying Cockroaches Infestations

  • Droppings
  • Tracks
  • Smear-marks
  • Damage
  • Nests
  • Cockroachess themselves
  • (alive or dead)
There are signs that these disease carrying bugs are invading your home, many of which are best detected by a technician. Droppings and other trails left behind are often the first indication. Being able to discern the nearby crevices that are likely providing hiding places is the next step. You can find nests of cockroaches hiding in some of the most unlikely places.Damage can be caused by nesting. What looks like a tiny crack from where you are could very well open up into a large nest if you could see behind the wall. The nesting can cause damage to insulation, wood beams, and even drywall. This is one reason why just one cockroach means there are more. Often, there are many more.

Treating Cockroaches Infestations

A qualified technician will not only identify the hiding places but also help you find the places that are likely to provide access to great nesting grounds. You will learn how to seal off and protect these areas to ensure that you are well guarded against a repeat infestation. If you live in an residential block you may find that there are limited ways to guarantee total extermination, but sealing off the crevices that allow for quick entry is a good start.Your home can be better protected and you can learn about the various items that attract cockroaches into your living space to begin with. A qualified technician will assess the home and property and provide valuable feedback regarding other preventative measures that you can take. A technician will also inform you of the best plan for extermination and set it in motion upon your consent.Eradicating cockroaches is not an easy task, but a true professional will be up to the task. It may take more than one treatment in order to be sure that your home is free from these pests. A technician will seek out further signs of an infestation. Upon inspection the professional should find no signs of cockroaches before giving you a final report.Handling problems with cockroaches swiftly is highly recommended. The longer they stay the more that thrive. If you think you might have a roach problem, call for a free consult and get some guidance. 

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